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Arabian Bulk Trade (ABT) Group is a holding company with activities in distribution of cement, manufacturing of scaffolding metal structures, provider of transportation, warehouse and logistic services, international trader of building materials, and a strategic supplier for agricultural products.

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At ABT, we strive for excellence in each of our companies. Whilst we are involved in many different industries, our approach to business remains the same where we focus on having a service oriented philosophy in always being of service to our customers and trying to provide them with the utmost care and support in helping them achieve their goals. See below what lines of businesses we are involved in.

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On behalf of ABT, I extend a very warm welcome to you for visiting our website.

In 1977, we established Arabian Bulk Trade as a supplier of cement to the Building Industry in Saudi Arabia by pioneering and introducing the concept of importing cement in bulk. In the early 1980’s, ABT successfully diversified itself in construction related activities and continued its cement activities as a major distributor of locally produced cement. Today, ABT comprises of six operating companies which are involved in manufacturing and trading activities with focus on construction, logistics and agricultural sectors. Our activities complement ABT transport and trade division with operations in building materials, water services, chemicals, agricultural nutrients, seeds and feed additives, scaffolding, formwork, transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics services. 

At ABT, we strive to provide the best possible service and we believe that the strength of our work lies in our understanding of people. As a solution provider, we pride ourselves in continuously catering to our clients by being flexible in our approach and being proactive in developing solutions to anticipate the needs of our customers. As a family business, we focus on supporting our employees in every way to help them grow and succeed professionally. We believe that our focus on our people elicits a level of dedication and commitment that truly allows us to create a positive working environment that ultimately drives our success. 

As we look forward, we are excited by what the future holds for us as a company and as a nation and we are committed to bringing the Vision 2030 laid out by his Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman into a reality. 

- Emran Alireza CEO



Careers At ABT

Are you interested in working at ABT or one of our subsidiary companies? If so, please email us your resume along with a cover letter in terms of the position you are seeking and we will kindly get back to you.

Please email us at careers@abtltd.com.sa